Walk in Boston, map and tours descriptions

Walk in Boston, 18 unusual self-guided tours

These 18 tours of Walk in Boston will take you 2 to 3 hours to complete without counting the stops and visits. They can be truncated, modified and for some of them, combined with others.

Walk # 1: the forgotten West End: a little less than 2 hours walk to see what urban renewal meant in the 1960’s and how it transformed the neighborhood.

Walk # 2: the other North End: a 90 mn walk to explore Little Italy off the beaten path and along the Harborwalk.

Walk # 3: the old and new East Boston: a 3 miles self-guided tour with superb views of Downtown Boston, especially at night, and unusual finds.

Walk # 4: sculpture, art and architecture at MIT: a two hours walk on the MIT campus then along the river with views of Boston.

Walk # 5: the historic Charlestown: a 90 mn to 3 hours walk to explore the oldest neighborhood of Boston and visit two National Historic Parks.

Walk # 6: Castle Island in South Boston: an easy walk to feel the air of the high sea.

Walk # 7: the Dorchester Bay shores: a 3 miles walk to visit 3 historical museums, walk along the sea and end your day on a beach.

Walk # 8: the trendy Seaport Fort Point District: a 2.5 miles tour in a completely renovated and very busy part of South Boston.

Walk # 9: the Chinatown, Downtown and Financial Districts: 2 miles to explore 3 different parts of Boston Center between little shops and skyscrappers.

Walk # 10: charming Beacon Hill: a 2 to 4 hours walk in one of the prettiest historical neighborhood of Boston with old brick house, gas lamplights and cobbled streets.

Walk # 11: Beacon Hill and surrounding parks: a 3 miles walk to combine open spaces, mainly along the Charles River, and historical places.

Walk # 12: luxurious Back Bay: a 1:30 hours walk to explore the wealth of this part of the city through upscale shops and city mansions.

Walk # 13, shopping and culture in Back Bay: a 2.5 miles walk to satisfy different pleasure in historical sites and trendy boutiques.

Walk # 14, the touristic Waterfront: a 2.5 miles walk to explore 3 different parts of Downtown along old and new piers.

Walk # 15: the gardens of the South End: a 2 hours walk mixing contemporary art, historical neighborhood and nature.

Walk # 16: from Symphony to Brigham Circle: A 2 hours walk (except if you stop at the two largest art museums of the city) through the campus of 5 universities and their galleries.

Walk # 17: from Longwood to West Fenway: 2 hours to explore a part of Boston off the beaten path and see Fenway Park.

Walk # 18: venerable Harvard: a 1h30 to 5h walk (or more depending on what you choose to do) to visit the Harvard campus and its surroundings.

NB: some of these places are described in more details in the Citywalks.space blog.

Walk in Boston, the different neighborhoods to visit

Walk in Boston, the highlights of the visits

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