Shopping and Culture in Back-Bay

Walk in Boston # 13, shopping and culture in Back Bay, is a 2.5 miles self-guided tour. It will take you from 2 to 4 hours to complete depending of what you do.

You’ll encounter art, historic buildings, upscale shops, a sprawling plaza and a busy shopping street. You’ll be able to go in one of the highest tower of the city if it fancies you.

It is now only available on Payhip in pdf format with a clickable map and updated descriptions.

In this pdf you will also find:

  • the list of Highlights.
  • the Metro stops to get there and back and info for Cars.
  • tips about restrooms, places to sit and eat.
  • details about a particular place you will find on your route.

You can download it (or just the map of the walk) to your phone to help you in your discoveries.

This will allow you to live a unique experience of the city far from what you might find elsewhere.

If you purchased the Boston NYC book, this download will be free for you, just send me a note for an access code for this walk.

The description below, incomplete and with cropped photos, gives you an idea of this walk before you decide to buy it.

A: This walk begins …. like Walk in Boston #12, luxurious Back-Bay.

This time however, look at the …. instead of …. On you left, you’ll see a …

To start your visit, climb the stair …. Once inside, a superb marble staircase faces you; it gives you an idea of ​​the place.

This part of the building dates from the late 19th century and …, its main architect, combined European influences and technological advances of the time to draw it. Murals by Sargent, De Chavannes and Abbey decorate it. There’s also a …

Yet its main attraction is …

To find all of that and more, take an explanatory flyer ….

Next, go to … Built in the 1970s in a post-modernist style, it has been renovated and the result is colorful, comfortable, spacious.

Here you’ll find …

B: Your exploration finished, exit where you came from and find the entrance to …, on your right when you look at the ….

An escalator will take you to the city’s … It  connects some of the largest … in the area and hosts the …

From this point and until you go out …, the map provided above no longer indicates where to go. Instead, find a map there and walk toward ….

On your way, you’ll see people of all nationalities and all ages. They are often impeccably dressed, carrying their last purchases in bags with …. If only for this sight, the visit is worth it.

If you are hungry, restaurants of all kinds await you.

Once at the …, two options …

Back in the …, turn left towards the …, at the end of the lobby; or find a corridor on the left which runs along the large terrace in front of the…

Go through … if you have taken this option, find an escalator on your left. It will lead you to the ground floor with, on your right, doors leading to ….

Otherwise, walk along the corridor and it will also leads you to ….

C: Now, you can again find your way on the map. It tells you to walk a little …

You won’t miss it, it’s an immense …. – when it’s in … There’s also a fountain where you can try to run under the jets if you feel playful. It is not always working, though, especially in winter.

In any case, walk along a building made of raw concrete and neo-classical colonnades up to the imposing …

This … is actually made up of two buildings from different eras. The most recent one can be visited and it houses the…

Next to it, you’ll find… composed of stained-glass windows. There, light shows recreate …

The adjacent .. will tell you more about …, the founder of ….

D: Next, follow ….

On your way, you will probably find yourself surrounded by students carrying all kinds of musical instruments. It’s because you are next to …, one of the most prestigious music schools in the USA. …., quite famous too, is not far either.

E: … Street is probably the most stylish … in town. Taken from this side, …, the more these shops give way to haute couture shops, known jewelers and art galleries

For now, enjoy the sights and buzz of the street.

F: At #320, on your right, you’ll find … It has  exhibitions of …. open to the public on the ground floor.

Next, find … on your right; take a look at the “public alleys” on either side of the street, with their typical black metallic staircases for fire escape. Then turn left onto …

G: Your last stop will be for…., just in front of the … It’s an old and charming .. where you’ll find calm and, with a little luck, someone playing …

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